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At ZIPPEL® we specialise in a comprehensive range of cost-effective office filing systems, storage facilities and document management services.

Internationally recognised, we offer the widest selection of filing and storage systems around, with our products and services renowned for their quality, reliable performance and competitive prices.

About Us

The word ZIPPEL ® has become a generic name synonymous with HIGH DENSITY document filing and storage facilities, specified for all types of specialised storage applications over many years, and means a range of products and services supplied to commerce and industry to suit those needs.

Products are marketed and sold world-wide and ZIPPEL are currently represented in 46 countries. ZIPPEL is the largest manufacturer of Document filing systems and we deliver and install throughout Southern Africa.

Our Services

Filing System

Moving offices or revamping offices?
We have the trained and experienced people necessary to relocate and move any mobile filing system, and we strongly advise our clients to ensure that only ZIPPEL personnel relocate these systems. There have been instances where our service teams have been called in to rescue clients from the efforts of removal companies and handymen who have attempted relocations with disastrous results.

Fixed To Mobile Conversions

Many companies have over time purchased fixed cabinets or credenzas, but eventually run out of space, and only then realise that a "mobile" storage facility can liberate up to 60% more available space.

Repairs &

Zippel systems are mainly maintenance free, however breakages and damages does happen, should you require our services for any minor problem we will respond within 24 hours, or immediately it there is an urgent problem. We can repair and service any make or design of mobile filing system.


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